My music emerges from the heart of Caribbean rhythms and chants. We are a creative mixture of cultures – an explosion of sounds, colors, and imagination. It has always been my universe, my poetic vision of the world.

Presences 2015

Listen to “Espacio Ritual” performed by the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

Espacio Ritual received its Parisian premiere at the Festival Presences in February 2015. Listen to this wonderful performance below!

A synthesis of ritual and popular African-Dominican music collides in this powerful piece for large orchestra. Expressive textures captured from the musical diversity of this caribbean island (palos, gaga, salves, congos) culminate in the sonic recreation of a Dominican ritual festivity.

Recent News

Guest Composer Festival Latinoamericano in Venezuela

Once again Aquino’s creations will be premiered at the XIX Festival Latinoamericano de Musica during Oct. 23th-30th 2016, in Caracas Venezuela. He will be conducting the Orquesta Sinfonica de Venezuela for his piece “Congofonia” (2010). The Festival... read more

Composer in Residence at Miami Chamber Orchestra (MCO)

The Miami Chamber Orchestra (MCO) announces their selection for Artists in Residence in the upcoming 2016 season. Darwin Aquino was invited to join MCO as guest composer, for the US premiere of his string pieces with many other distinguished musicians. You can follow... read more

XV International Festival of Contemporary Music

“YOAminicana” will be performed at the XV International Festival of Contemporary Music in El Salvador. This traditional event gathers composers from all over Latin America around the National Symphony Orchestra of El Salvador and Music Director German... read more

Darwin Aquino is a member of the Latin American Union of Composers. Click here to learn more.


Cantata para Amansar la Muerte: Voices and Orchestra
Espacio Ritual: Orchestra
Vom Imaginatio Folkloricus: Violin & Violoncello
Lluvia Antillana: String Quartet
Lluvia Antillana: Images
Ounto: Flute & Violoncello
YOAminicana: Orchestra
Jacana per Tessitura: Violin
En el Mejor Momento de mi Vida: Violoncello

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