Fiesta Latina!

concert series

Get to know the Latin culture through the best symphonic music of the region!

About Fiesta Latina

Since very early in his musical career, Dominican conductor and composer Darwin Aquino started a life time project known as Fiesta Latina. Its originality and special connection with the audiences has made it a favorite in Latin American countries, the United States and Europe.

Fiesta Latina is an entertaining full symphonic concert designed as an educational program. It features the most outstanding Latin composers including all genres in classical and popular music. Our mission is to make audiences and artistic institutions aware of this world class repertoire, helping them include these brilliant works in current programmings.

Duration of the program: Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, plus intermission.


Fiesta Latina includes live interactive explanations for each of the works, composers, percussion instruments and rhythms, commenting about their places in Latin American culture. If a screen is available, images and videos of the places and its people, are available.

For the end of the concert the Orchestra stands up to dance a very special choreography, in our energetic Encores.

Listen to Fiesta Latina live audio samples

International Concerts

 In recent years this concert series and it’s unique music has been featured  by:


Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz, Germany

(2012, 2016, 2018)

National Youth Symphony Orchestra, Dominican Republic

(2010, 2013, 2015)

Saarländisches Staatsorchester, Germany


International Music Festival Alfredo de Saint Malo, Panama

(2011, 2012, 2018)

ADCA Symphony Orchestra, New York


Washington University Symphony Orchestra, St. Louis


Gateway Festival Orchestra, USA



Fiesta Latina – Program Choices


A. Márquez – Conga del Fuego Nuevo(7 min)

J. Moncayo – Huapango (9 min)

A. Márquez – Danzón No. 2  (10 min)


A. Romero – Fuga con Pajarillo (7 min)

A. Rugeles – Tanguitis (4 min)


L. Lamothe – A Haitian Phantasy (12 min)
– Danse No. 4
– Danse Capoise

Dominican Republic

B. Bustamante – Suite Macorix (18 min)

B. Bustamante – Fantasía Criolla (15 min)

D. Aquino – Congofonía (7 min)

D. Aquino – YOAminicana (5 min)

More choices include music from: Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Bahamas, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, Peru, Guatemala, etc.


A. Ginastera – Danzas del Ballet “Estancia” Op. 8 (12 min)


H. Villalobos – Bachianas Brasileiras No. 2 (20 min)

Puerto Rico

Carlos Alberto Vázquez  – Fiesta Rugeliana (8 min)


Carlos Fariñas – Seis Sones Sencillos (14 min)

G. López-Gavilán – Guaguancó (6 min)


Sergio R. Reyes – Migraciones (10 min)


A. Bermúdez – Colombia Tierra Querida “Cumbia” (5 min)


R. Cordero – Elegia for Strings (5 min)


Juan Luis Guerra – La Bilirrubina “Merengue”(3 min)

L. Alberti – Compadre Pedro Juan “Merengue” (4 min)