“The orchestra, under the direction of Darwin Aquino, gives the finest performance I’ve heard in any of the many productions I’ve seen at Winter Opera. With the opening phrases of the overture it simply bursts out of the gate. It snatches us up and carries us away like a robber bridegroom whisking his love up onto his galloping steed. The tempo is almost alarming. Such energy! Such excitement! Such precision!”

BWW Opera World, United States

These extraordinary concerts had an enormous reception, which has risen the expectations to continuously program this international repertoire with the Mainz Philharmonic Orchestra

Mainzer Kultur, Germany

“Conductor Darwin Aquino kept them and the rest of the cast on track, with brisk tempos. The orchestra and the children’s chorus did solid work”

St. LouisPost – Dispatch, United States

“Aquino has very well listened to the French composers, Boulez or Varese, developing in this piece a deeply personal language and an inventive mastery for writing to the orchestra”

La Musique au Jour le Jour, France

Aquino’s conducting was rousing and dominant, carrying Verdi’s rich score in the capable hands of the Winter Opera orchestra” / “Bizet’s music is captivating and enthralling, especially when performed as lushly as it was in Winter Opera’s presentation under the steady influence and keen ear of conductor Darwin Aquino, who kept the orchestra on a high level of performance throughout”

Ladue News, St. Louis

“Congratulations to Aquino, who brought all this together in a manner to do justice to Verdi

BWW Opera World, United States

“It was not a surprise the work of the orchestra conducted by Darwin Aquino, who led Vivaldi without baton, Piazzola with impressive energy and Kuusisto with the concentration that requires such a difficult and strange piece for an audience not familiar with contemporary music”

Diario Libre Newspaper, Dominican Republic

“An excellent support and professional sound from the symphony orchestra, conducted by Darwin Aquino

The Miami Herald, Florida

Down in the pit, conductor Darwin Aquino leads the orchestra in a very polished interpretation of the score.  Without being a large ensemble they produced a satisfyingly robust sound

Stage Left, United States

“The success of the concert rested in the quality of the orchestra under the precise and passionate baton of Darwin Aquino”

HOY Newspaper, Dominican Republic