2022-23 Season:
Guest Composer, Orquesta Sinfonia de Heredia in Costa Rica
Commissioned Composer, Chamber Project St. Louis
Commissioned Opera Translator, Florida Grand Opera
Guest Composer, Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico


My music emerges from the heart of Caribbean rhythms and chants. We are a creative mixture of cultures – an explosion of sounds, colors, and imagination. It has always been my universe, my poetic vision of the world…”

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Member & Treasurer – Latin American Collegium of Composers: 

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Darwin Aquino


World Premiere: Subito Papillo

World Premiere: Subito Papillo

After stepping onto the darkened stage of the Lee Theater at the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center, Alla Voskoboynikova posed what could have been a difficult question to Darwin Aquino: Why is the music of Latin America so enjoyable?…

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