Darwin makes conducting debut with the Florida Grand Opera

Darwin makes conducting debut with the Florida Grand Opera

Nov 4, 2022 | Conductor News

Darwin has been invited to conduct the first opera of the FGO’s 2022/23 season: “El Matrimonio Secreto” by Italian composer Domenico Cimarosa, in a new Spanish translation by Darwin Aquino and Benedetta Orsi. But, everything happens with a new and very special Latino twist concerning the scenery: “On Miami Beach in the 1980’s, Geronimo builds his business, the Hotel Paraiso. Now that he is successful it’s time to pay more attention to his family and get his daughters married! Romantic intrigue, sibling rivalry, and “mucha frivolidad” come together in this Mozart era opera, in a new Spanish translation”.

General Information about “El Matrimonio Secreto”

When FGO General Director and CEO Susan T. Danis came up with the idea for a Spanish-language production of Il matrimonio segreto, updated to 1980s Miami and set among a family of hard-working, successful Cuban immigrants, she knew exactly who to turn to.

Dominican conductor and composer Darwin Aquino began his American career at Florida Grand Opera as an assistant conductor, and he considers it “a very big part of my professional life.”

“I am very close to Florida Grand Opera, a company I am very grateful for as the company that gave me my first opportunities in the States,” he said. So, when Danis approached him to create a very special Spanish translation of this Mozart-era comic opera, Aquino was thrilled. Danis was, too, especially when Aquino informed her that he was now married — to an Italian operatic mezzo-soprano by the name of Benedetta Orsi, who could help.

FGO Press Room about “El Matrimonio Secreto”