Perfume, song cycle (2013), for mezzosoprano & piano


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Two modern Dominican poems from writers Altagracia Saviñon and Carmen Martinez Bonilla are the basis for three songs: “Las Flores”, “EternidadCansada” and “Mi Vaso Verde”, which are connected. The texts are combined to declaim issues about existence and death. Perfume, flower and water serve as symbolism. Two glasses of water stroked by the singer with pitches C# and A enrich the sonorities of the last song.

Dos poemas modernos dominicanos de las escritoras Altagracia Saviñon y Carmen Martínez Bonilla inspiran tres canciones: “Las Flores”, “Eternidad Cansada” y “Mi Vaso Verde”, que se conectan. Los textos se combinan para expresar inquietudes sobre la existencia y la muerte. Perfume, flores y agua son los símbolos. Dos copas de agua que producen las notas Do sostenido y La, tocadas por la cantante, enriquecen la sonoridad de la ultima canción.


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